Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I Want Your Stories

Hello Friends- I am continuing my long-term project, and I need your help. Inspired by the holidays, and driven by my families tradition of sharing stories around the dinner table after a feast, I am still searching for your stories (I know you have them).
MY VISION: A book of short "EVENT" stories that can be shared at dinner tables and enjoyed personally whenever and wherever.
WHAT IS AN "EVENT": I want stories relating to (all)holidays, birthdays, graduations, funerals, reunions and any other times people get together and things happen that are note worthy, EX:Uncle Harry throwing up on the turkey, the surprise guest at your birthday that you haven't seen in years,the first Christmas following the death of a love done, or the first Easter egg hunt by a toddler, etc.
CRITERIA: All I ask is that these stories are short,true and involve specific events (Holidays, Birthdays, etc.). These stories can be funny, sad, inspiring, or just plain reflections that have affected you. Please also feel free to include your full name, and place city/state of residence. (All contributers will receive a free copy of the book)
MY GOAL: To collect enough stories to put into a book called "Told Around The Table, You throw the Party and I'll Bring the Ham"(copyright) for people to read aloud from at their own gatherings.
HOW: I have set up a special e-mail account for submissions. ,please submit your stories here and I promise to read them all. You may also contact me with any questions through this e-mail address (
We all produce very unique experiences in our lives, but none so seemingly share worthy than when we gather in groups, and when we share with others we not only keep those special memories alive through reflection, but we are gifted the rare opportunity to invite all others into our homes.
My hope is that a small collection of individual experiences will further unite all of us in a larger way.
Thank you for participating and please tell all of those close to you, and forward this content to as many as you like, I welcome all entries.
Your Friend: Toby Tullis

Is Inner Angst Seasonal?

More often than not I am a professional mask wearer. "Shiny happy people holding hands"...My job as a restaurant manager requires it. That is not to say that inside I am the live in a shanty in the woods, manifesto writing, beard growing mess that is the flip side of Michael Stipe lyrics....I'm not-I am quite happy internally...Less so when somebody complains that their medium well steak is overcooked, but hey, what can you do. However; lately I feel like tearing my flesh open at the sternum and yelling at nobody in particular.."ARE YOU SERIOUS? REALLY?". I wonder if the onset of colder weather that directly relates to the surge in dining populations may be acting as an investing factor. We want, nay, we require more people spending their depleting wealth in restaurants such as mine, and should relish the opportunity to stay in business, regardless of how clueless 20% of diners may act. I remind myself that unlike many other occupations, my cubicle comes with a fully stocked bar, and much like sex and pizza-even when it's bad, it's still pretty good., but still sometimes (not unlike so many of us) I just feel like screaming......Maybe I'm just cold.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Mexico-Asi Asi

With a fair amount of complimentary alcohol and a minimal amount of sand in my crevices, I return from a four day excursion to the lovely Cabo San Lucas ("lovely" optional).

Here's the thing-without the safe haven of an all inclusive resort (inset Dreams Los Cabos) all you are is in a third world country.

Yes the weather is hot, humid, and welcome while in the process of escaping the bitter chill of our California fall, and yes the water is deeply blue and gorgeous, but I challenge anybody to have both of those aspects a part of their daily surroundings and make them anything less than attractive to the traveler check wielding tourist that arrives ready to make everything from hand made bracelets to a peso look intriguing, wild, and exciting.

Yes-there was a trip long brushing of our particular Gulf Coast from the truly exciting Hurricane Norbert (who in the hell names a Hurricane Norbert?), and yes-that could very well be an attribute of the Mexican Water taste in my mouth about the whole experience. Something about not being able to jet ski, zip line, rent scooters, or hell, even go in the ocean, does put somewhat of a damper on a trip. But just as all readers may start to take pity on this authors feeble and miserable trip to a tropical paradise...enter all inclusive resort, Dreams Los Cabos. four restaurants and six bars with no prices does help the process along. Like a spoon full of sugar, or a bactine cured band-aid.....things are going to be fine.

So bottom line- Is Mexico just Mexico wherever you go....Yes. Can some places doctor it up so that it looks more attractive....Yes. Does the doctoring usually require a heavy dose of American culture.....Apparently. Just remember what they say, a pig wearing lipstick is still just a pig.

My friend summed it up best when she said "It was a nice four days, but for that kind of money you can do so many other nice things!"

Sammy Hagar, you can keep it, Mexico simple esta asi asi por me dinero!