Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Is Inner Angst Seasonal?

More often than not I am a professional mask wearer. "Shiny happy people holding hands"...My job as a restaurant manager requires it. That is not to say that inside I am the live in a shanty in the woods, manifesto writing, beard growing mess that is the flip side of Michael Stipe lyrics....I'm not-I am quite happy internally...Less so when somebody complains that their medium well steak is overcooked, but hey, what can you do. However; lately I feel like tearing my flesh open at the sternum and yelling at nobody in particular.."ARE YOU SERIOUS? REALLY?". I wonder if the onset of colder weather that directly relates to the surge in dining populations may be acting as an investing factor. We want, nay, we require more people spending their depleting wealth in restaurants such as mine, and should relish the opportunity to stay in business, regardless of how clueless 20% of diners may act. I remind myself that unlike many other occupations, my cubicle comes with a fully stocked bar, and much like sex and pizza-even when it's bad, it's still pretty good., but still sometimes (not unlike so many of us) I just feel like screaming......Maybe I'm just cold.

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