Monday, October 13, 2008

Mexico-Asi Asi

With a fair amount of complimentary alcohol and a minimal amount of sand in my crevices, I return from a four day excursion to the lovely Cabo San Lucas ("lovely" optional).

Here's the thing-without the safe haven of an all inclusive resort (inset Dreams Los Cabos) all you are is in a third world country.

Yes the weather is hot, humid, and welcome while in the process of escaping the bitter chill of our California fall, and yes the water is deeply blue and gorgeous, but I challenge anybody to have both of those aspects a part of their daily surroundings and make them anything less than attractive to the traveler check wielding tourist that arrives ready to make everything from hand made bracelets to a peso look intriguing, wild, and exciting.

Yes-there was a trip long brushing of our particular Gulf Coast from the truly exciting Hurricane Norbert (who in the hell names a Hurricane Norbert?), and yes-that could very well be an attribute of the Mexican Water taste in my mouth about the whole experience. Something about not being able to jet ski, zip line, rent scooters, or hell, even go in the ocean, does put somewhat of a damper on a trip. But just as all readers may start to take pity on this authors feeble and miserable trip to a tropical paradise...enter all inclusive resort, Dreams Los Cabos. four restaurants and six bars with no prices does help the process along. Like a spoon full of sugar, or a bactine cured band-aid.....things are going to be fine.

So bottom line- Is Mexico just Mexico wherever you go....Yes. Can some places doctor it up so that it looks more attractive....Yes. Does the doctoring usually require a heavy dose of American culture.....Apparently. Just remember what they say, a pig wearing lipstick is still just a pig.

My friend summed it up best when she said "It was a nice four days, but for that kind of money you can do so many other nice things!"

Sammy Hagar, you can keep it, Mexico simple esta asi asi por me dinero!


Megan said...

Oh no you didn't. Start a blog, I mean.

You're in trouble now, brother!

P.S. In re: Cabo - I hear all that you say, but I still wouldn't mind going back...

Patrick Kelley said...

Dude you should have gone to New Mexico. It's like Mexico but cleaner. I've been to Mexico a hand full of times, and to be honest it is not one of my top destinations. I mean I guess it all depends on what you like. If you want clean beaches, clean waterand people that genuinely like you, then Mexico is not the spot. They do have killer eats however. And if Sammy was performing at his joint and I happened to be there, that might be pretty cool. Other than that, there is a bunch of other Latin American spots that appeal to me over that place.