Thursday, January 8, 2009

According to Joe-part 2

My little brother is not without his quirks, as discussed in part 1. And in the fashion of Joe-he has offered yet another little tid-bit into his rational.

Joe left his cell phone at my parents house last Sunday, only to be discovered the next morning.
Knowing how absolutely helpless we all feel when without our communication devices, I thought it would be nice if I brought it to work with me so he could pick it up there on his lunch break, considering how the abbreviated distance to my restaurant and his office as opposed to mom and dads place and his office is exponential.

I called him at 9:30 am with the "phew, that would be great, news", but was immediately thwarted.
"Are you going to be there at 5:30?" He said. "Yeah. but why don't you come down at lunch and Ill feed you in the process." I made sense of the situation.
"Because dude, you work at a fully stocked bar. I can't start drinking at noon. Ill see you at 5:30".

Now that's Self-Control!