Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Biz-She Can Be Fickle

As stated the Holiday season has come and is slowly going in the restaurant. This is a period in time that is greatly anticipated, enjoyed manically, then revered in the proverbial stages of it's lifeline. However; the phenomenon that lies in the wake never ceases to amaze me.

The holidays are what I like to call our Harvest Season. That is to say that we open our doors to the throngs of steak hungry patrons and their visiting families and collect revenue, tips, and profit so much like the gathering of acorns, in which we stuff our trunks for the leaner summer months that are sure to arrive just as the holidays did.

But do people prepare....NOOOO! And that's when I get thrusted the role of Gargamel with the added bonus of being a soundboard for the frustrated.

This is not the job description I had in mind.

A Message: You were told that you would be making money hand over fist for just a few months of the year like no other...It is not nearly my fault you have nothing to show for it already.

An Absurdity: You also you knew that the once bountiful 5-6 shifts a week were going to go back to the allotted 3-4 when the restaurant slowed down...So please stop asking me if you are being punished. That's Absurd

A Truth: We are still packing them in, just not turning their tables, therefore; the opportunity to make ample cash is dangling in front of your disgruntled/broke noses like a carrot..GRAB IT!

A Perspective: At this time in history, we are all extremely fortunate to have a place to earn money on a daily basis. Make the most of it!

An Ending: I truly care for everybody that I have the privilege to work with, but sometimes...just sometimes, I would like nothing more than to give them all a collective viking funeral....even if they aren't all quite dead, just yet.


Megan said...

These are excellent points. Excellent! Man, you've posted a lot lately, I have to go back and catch up!

Toby T said...

I love the fact that I feel so inspired latley. Thanks for the nod. Truth be told I find alot of inspiration in your blog, so thanks for that as well.