Thursday, January 1, 2009

From The Ashes Rise a Blogger?

Writers block is bizzare untamed animal that I have been stricken with for far too long. Like a fire, it consumes and destroys the longer you avoid fighting it. So in my uninspired mind, and my desperation to wake that which has become dormant, I have decided to start this new year by writing about not being able to write.
I have not been with lack of inspiring tails to regale you with; quite the contrary. As of 11 hours and 19 minutes ago, I successfully made it through the holiday season in a VERY busy, upscale restaurant. (a slow restaurant can provide for pages of fanfare). I have seen the items that are blog worthy unfold before me and pass my dormant fingers with almost a snicker. I have reflected on these events in the ponderous time of my morning cigarette and coffee and mentally narrated the content, and I have passed the computer and shied away without even sitting as if to say "another day my unused friend...another day."
But the problem is that these blog worthy events come fast and many (perhaps too many to sort through), and my internal narration that was once in the tone of Anthony Bourdaine now sounds more like Rachel Ray, and the passiveness that I offer the computer is fear that I can't do it. STOP LAUGHING AT ME MOUSE!
So make no mistake about it, writers block is an affliction, with no medication but to dive right back into what you enjoy doing the most and re assume ownership.

I only hope that this therapeutic Drano-esc exercise unblocks me like a bran muffin and I begin to hemorrhage the observations that I am privy too on a daily basis, clearly and concisely enough too fulfill my only healthy vice.

Here's to a prosperous 2009 for everybody!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Toby, First of all, your new year resolution needs to be to STOP SMOKING! Really. I used to smoke. Quit in 1988. Bad stuff. One day you'll know what I mean. I know, we all die from something. Secondly, tell me about writer's block! Kenny (don't know if you remember him) has been applying to schools and writing essay after essay. He's applied to six schools ... a ton of work!! Anyway, thanks so much for sharing the blog. Where are you working? In San Fran I presume. We are living in Scottsdale, AZ, but if we - correction when we - get to San Fran we'll look you up! It would be awesome to see you all grown up. Love you lots!!!!!