Thursday, January 29, 2009

IOWAnt my family back

Well the time has come and gone in the foreshadowed period that sees the Iowa contingency of the Tullis clan shed their snow boots and don their floral print winter gear for the annual trek back to Cali.

Just who are these nomadic people of Iowa? My Brother Andy and his lovely wife Stephanie moved to Iowa shortly after my nephew Ben was born 5 years ago. Since then they have added the endearing Miss Addison Paige who is all of 2 going on 30.

With her perfect vocabulary, wittle wisp, and a non-existent verbal filter-their short time here was nothing short on entertainment from minute one.

Upon entering grandpas car curbside at SFO, Addy spoke first.

"What's your name?"
"I'm Grandpa Sam"
"Well I'm not sure if I like this Grandpa." (this is going to be a great week)

Including the the sprint with open arms to an awaiting Uncle Toby for the stand up hug, she buries her face in my crotch prompting my uber-mature brother to ask, "Oh God Addy, what does that smell like?", to which I honestly reply-"Dust, Andy, Dust." I bow my head in sad truth.
Up to Addy watching me snack on a small piece of cold steak from the fridge. "What's that Uncle Toby?" "Steak". "Your big belly is sure full of Steak!" I bow my head in sad truth.

But while young Addison is certainly the star of the show, my heart belongs to the trail blazer that came before her, brother Ben.

It has been known that I have often had more of an affinity for the opening act. For instance Public Enemy left Anthrax in the dust the night of the Oakland Fires, and to me, Annie Lennox blew doors on Sting, but I digress.

Brother Ben is a humble, subdued, intellect that is sharply humorous and wise beyond his few years. He is acutely aware that his sister is in the spotlight, and seemingly unaffected by the recent swing of attention. He not only picks her up-he holds her up, and they are friends the way that a senior and a junior are friends. It is genuine, but you know who the elder is. When they finished a puzzle together of Alvin and the Chipmunks, to which Addy did Simon and Ben did the rest, everybody celebrated the marvelous feat of young Addys contribution, and rightfully so. This was a puzzle for seven years + and that is their age combined. In all the celebration, a young Ben with shirt sleeve in mouth should have been witnessed by more than myself quietly leaving the room and proudly mentioning under his breath with his head held high,as if to let Addy have her moment..."I did the rest!"

And so it goes~the big brother, little sister dynamic. Interesting to watch and, in this case, admire. But as a man of science (yeah right) I would like to compile more data for my studies, so if you guys wouldn't mind moving back here for a few years for observation, that would be swell.


Big A said...

That is a very astute observation Dr. Tullis. (And, not hearing Ben say as much about their puzzle breaks my widdle heart. He is a good kid.) We had a great time and we'll have another. Thanks for the nod.

Carrie Rose said...

Yeah Andy...MOVE BACK....NOW.

JBW said...

Having three little sisters myself I sympathize with my boy Ben. Stay strong, kid! You'll get your due someday.

Anonymous said...

Toby. Love the story about your affinity tords ur nieces and nephews. I too bow to their alter! But did u say that annie lenox blew sting? gross!! I just threw up!!