Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What A Day!

Rising at 7 am to catch all the excitement of history unfolding and ending the day catching more history playing live! If ever I was on death row, I believe I would request to fore go the final meal and all the splendor that comes with it and ask if I may somehow, just somehow, relive January 20th 2009.

One must forgive the slightly fuzzy undertones of this post as I am still trying to eliminate the contact high that comes from watching Willie at the Fillmore. It really is more like watching a concert from inside Woody Harrlesons bong, and if by some chance you aren't a pot smoker (which I am not), your going to be one that night!

I have seen Willie numerous times and the only negative critique that I have about last nights show was how hard it is seeing him get long in the tooth. His voice is strong, his guitar playing was manic and controlled beautifully, but in his short sleeve shirt exposing his arms and neck, he appeared to be wearing a skin suit that was a few sizes too big. Just kind of droopy.

He is also nurturing his young son Lukas and slowly passing the torch. Lukas' band opened as a kind of "Blind Mellon meets Fish" feel, and while Lukas is a superb guitarist, he sings through his nose forcefully. A message to Lukas-Your dad does that naturally and pulls it off flawlessly. If you don't got it~You don't got it~So don't try it.

I have a gut wrenching feeling that this may be the last time I see Willie play. Not because hes going anywhere, because he is not. (He tours 200 days of the year and is mentally strong as an ox), but watching Lukas play with his dad and take over on vocals a couple of times stung! I don't want to see anybody but the Red Headed Stranger sing Willie tunes, and I can't help but suspect that good ol' Willie might be increasing his sons involvement. Watching your parents get old is something you are forced to do, but I can choose to remember a younger version of Willie Nelson without being subject to personally see him wither. I am grateful for being able to witness one of my hero's so many times under better conditions.

To President Barack Obama: I am excited about where we are going!

To Willie Nelson: I am endowed to you for where we have been!


Carrie Rose said...
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Carrie Rose said...

1. I feel like I haven't seen you in a year, and this makes me sad. Let's do something about this, capish? Maybe on one of your nights off in the next couple of weeks you can come over for dinner?

2. I completely forgot you went to see Willie! Did you go with Jules? So glad you enjoyed it and I completed understand about choosing to remember someone the way they were. Which is exactly why I choose to remember Elvis in his early 20's...young and handsome as opposed to near-death Elvis bloated in his one piece leather jumpsuit. I don't even picture it because it makes me throw up in my mouth a little.

3. I too immensly enjoyed the day's events yesterday. We all got to join together in the conference room at work and we cheered and clapped and though it never got really emotional, I had chills the entire time (I'm pretty sure it was Obama and not the fact that the conference room religiously feels like an iceberg just sailed through.)

4. What a perfect picture to sum up your day! How'd you find that?

Toby T said...

I got Saturday off for Christmas Part 2 so we will meet then! I will spoil you.

Jules actually went to the inaguration, so I went withPaulie and Laurann! Good Times.

I came across the picture in an article in Rolling Stone. I always knew Willie was a huge Obama fan, but the pic was perfect!

When are going to put up a new blog?

Carrie Rose said...

Well, my stupid last blog was a bust. I had typed so much and put so many pictures into it and then bam! It was gone...pissed me right off and lost all motivation. Damn.

Megan said...


Megan said...

PS I will be up there weekend after Super Bowl, but it's a huuuuge secret (so why am I putting it on a blog for chrissakes?).

Anyways I will email you my cell on the facebook place. Maybe we can have a drink or ten?

Toby T said...

Megs! That sounds perfect!

Lisa said...

My VERY FIRST concert EVER..was Willie.... I will forever remember how much I hated my parents for dragging me to such a "uncool" event... now I look back and know, I was one of the few to get to see such a legend in person.... :) As usual Toby, you said it right.